7 Small Things to Connect with your Children

Here are 7 small things we can do almost everyday to connect and nurture our children:

3 Girls cookin & laughin

1. Talk to them while in the car!  We are in the car so much these days it seems to be a great place for uninterrupted conversation.  Turn off the radio and put away the phone.

2. Admit our mistakes.  Ask for forgiveness.  We’re only human you know!

3. Tell them childhood stories.  Children love stories!

4. Resist the urge to get in there and rescue them.  They don’t learn.  Experience is a difficult teacher.

5. When we talk to our children let’s truly listen by looking at them while they talk.

6. Sometimes advice isn’t really needed.  They just want someone to listen.

7. Love what they love.  Even if it means watching Vine loops of One Direction!


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