God always has a way of shaking things up a bit. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was very comfortable with my usual daily routine. Drop my daughters off at school, come home, clean the house. Maybe have lunch with a friend. God apparently wanted something different, perhaps something more from me. No pain, no gain right? I had never given any thought to dolls, much less a new career that involved dolls. Relentless magazine covers conveying their desire for my daughters to change into their image with their incessant messages of beauty, guys, and the perfect body just to name a few. Hundreds of such advertising gimmicks flash before innocent boys and girls daily. Honestly, I can be like a deer in the headlights, standing there oblivious to the oncoming slaughter. Not knowing what happened until it is too late.

God got my attention with something that neither I nor my husband knew anything about.  Our home with girls was like any other, I assume, dolls were the toy of choice.  My eldest even had me playing Barbie with dinosaurs. At the same time.  Frightening connection.  I called my husband, at work, demanding he come home immediately to end this madness.  “No Dear you can handle it” muttered the reasoned voice from the other end.

I did not know much about dolls and books and websites, but what I did know was that the culture was rushing full speed ahead. I didn’t want my children or other children caught in the headlights. I had been caught in the headlights for most of my adult life. I did not desire that for any child let alone mine. I even had my own little campaign going against 2 large retailers here in my home town. It is pathetic how magazines target our children. After standing in many lines at the grocery store and seeing the usual headlines, “How to look hot”, “How to catch the perfect man”, “101 beauty tips for the perfect you”, I decided to write a letter or two. I guess they didn’t care what I thought of their magazines. I never heard from them. God jolted me from my slumber and through His infinite wisdom, chose our family and a doll as His vessel to spread His word. So the culture tells our children that its lights, camera, action, but the Lord has revealed to me the LIES and has motivated me to ACTION.

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