Meet Ruth

ruth-close-up2Meet Ruth

The Book of Ruth in the Bible is an account of God’s sovereignty and his redemptive nature. It is an example that should be experienced by all of us both young and old. Psalm 78 says that we as parents and adults should tell the next generation of the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord and not hide it from them. We should share abundantly about His power and the wonders He has done.  The Story of Ruth does exactly that. The God we serve today is every bit as alive and relevant as He was with Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. The Freedom girls emphasize that although Ruth lived at a different time, ate different food and experienced a different culture, her decisions and struggles are the same as ours today.

As parents, are you looking for meaningful ways to connect with your children?

Do you want to have a strong relationship with them that will carry into their adolescent years providing you and them with much needed comfort?

Would you like to introduce them to Christ, but you are intimidated because you believe you lack the necessary credentials?

We here at Generation with a Name, realize how difficult that can be in this busy world, so we have created tools to equip both you and your child to grow in the admonition of the Lord. If we want a revival of the Spirit, it will begin at home with the conversations we have with our children. If we want increased leadership in our country and in our world, it begins at home with the conversations we have with our children.

The 18″ Biblical Ruth Doll and accompanying children’s book, “The Story of Ruth Through a Child’s Eyes” will equip you as a parent, grandparent or mentor share the nature of Christ with your loved one in this busy world. The Ruth experience will also help you equip your loved ones for life’s journey.


“The Story of Ruth Through a Child’s Eyes” provides a full rendering of the four chapters of the Book of ruth-book-liberto-1Ruth. The book is flexible enough to be used as a Sunday School curriculum, family reading or just read by the child.


  • Scripture references.  The intention of the book is to point back to scripture.
  • There are Callout boxes throughout the book that provide opportunities for parents to engage in topical discussion.
  • End of chapter questions to provoke thought with children and parents alike.
  • Blank Journal page for your child to write down her thoughts as she grows in her relationship to the Lord.  Preserve the book and it makes an awesomely thoughtful gift to present to your children when they reach the appropriate age.


It is said that learning should be fun and we agree.  The Freedom Girls product line is designed to Ruth Peeks2facilitate your child taking God’s Word into their play time.  “When I was a young boy I would watch a John Wayne movie, then when it was over I would grab my air gun, go outside and become John Wayne.  The Freedom Girls Ruth doll offers young girls the same opportunity today.  Young girls read the Book of Ruth or The Story of Ruth Through a Child’s Eyes and then take their Ruth doll and become Ruth, Naomi and even Boaz for young boys. What better role model than Boaz for your sons?”

The Freedom Girls want to come alongside parents and to equip you in your task of raising up future leaders.libbyruth


  • 18″ Biblical Ruth Doll.
  • Cloth torso to maximize “huggability”.
  • Soft plastic shoulders to add flexibility with clothing.
  • Hand painted to exemplify the uniqueness of creation.
  • High Quality play doll
  • Re-Birth Certificate is a fun way for parents and children to record their decision and save it along with the children’s book for their children.

The goal of The Freedom Girls is to provide a solid biblical understanding of God’s character and His promises which will equip young girls and boys to resist the world’s many temptations as they grow simply by having a clearer understanding of their true worth in Christ.