Ruth’s Journey Part 1


Girls Walk with RuthWe have been on a wild and crazy journey through this maze we call “family entrepreneurship”.  That’s the “code word” for our family.  It must be code because when we are asked about our business we get a few well-meaning comments like, “Oh, that’s neat.”  Neat?   No, taking a family vacation is neat.  Watching your child play in the water on a hot summer day is neat.  Starting a family business is not neat.  Matter of fact it can be quite messy!  Anyone who has started a business knows it is more work than they bargained for.   Working closely with your soul mate and the three children you bore with him brings out the worst in everyone. . .  and the best!  Our heartbreaks and mistakes, the thrill of excitement and the agony of defeat is on display for the whole family, and a few friends, to witness and partake in.

It makes for a super-duper character building extravaganza.

Include into the mix homeschooling a teenager, a preteen, and a six year old and you have a recipe for a very crazy home-life! Starting a new business is just icing on the cake.  God is good!  I look back on the many times I wanted to quit working on this adventure and just return to my “former self” where things were predictable and easy.  Those were the days when I would drop my children off at school, come home, clean my house and be satisfied.  Nothing could be more satisfying than a clean home.  Why?  I was good at it.  It was easy.  I could do it by myself without a care in the world.  I was comfortable!  I liked it.  But as I continue to take baby steps, it is becoming all too clear that God does not like comfortable.

My desire, over the next several weeks, is to share our story with you.

It has been a long, long road since we first embarked on our “family entrepreneurship.”  Creating a ministry for this generation of young people has not come without discovering a few things about ourselves and our own family.Mick on Road less traveled

The Bible is timeless and relevant.     Join with us by joining the discussion with the challenges we face as we raise disciples.  Join us on Wednesday and Friday each week as I map out Ruth’s Journey.

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